What We Learned: Cavs vs Wolves

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USA Today

The Cavs were able to beat the Minnesota Timberwolves convincingly for their 3rd straight win. It was the first time Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett returned to Cleveland. Here are some things we learned.

LeBron showed how much better his 3-point shot is. He shot 4-7 from 3. The one thing LeBron hasn’t had in his game was a consistent 3 point shot, he may finally have it. He’s shooting 40% from deep this year. Hard work truly pays off.

Anderson Varejao is out for the season. It’s terrible news for the Cavs. Andy is a very solid role player and even a better person. It’s a shame to see that happen to Andy. We all wish him a speedy recovery. That being said, the Cavs will most likely make a trade for a center. Haywood will have to step up until a move is presumably made.

Kyrie Irving is clearly out of his slump. He had a game high 29 points and shot 12-19 from the field. Irving was easily the best offensive player on the floor last night. He was able to drive to the basket whenever he wanted, and knocked down the midrange jumper. The Cavs’ offense is deadly when both he and LeBron are on their game. Scary for other opponents, but for us Cavs fan, its just a joy to watch.

Dion Waiters has largely contributed in two straight solid games. He ended the game with 19 points. The most impressive part of his game was on defense. He had 3 steals and was everywhere on defense. Waiters has also has done a better job of sharing the ball and finished with 4 assists. He still struggles to make the extra pass on a consistent play-by-play basis, but he is getting better.

Shawn Marion keeps having a huge impact off the bench. He gives the Cavs a little bit of everything off the bench and finished with an efficient 11/2/4. He provides the spark off the bench the Cavs desperately need. If him and Waiters can play anything like they’ve played the last couple games, the Cavs bench will be just fine.

Kevin Love had a solid game against his former team. He finished with 20/10/4. He appeared to be pressing early in the game, but he settled down and had a solid outing. It’s always nice to put up big numbers against your former team, and K-Love did just that.

We’ll always wonder what we could’ve had if we kept Andrew Wiggins. Trading for Kevin Love was the right move. Love is a complete player and is exactly what the Cavs needed, but that doesn’t mean we won’t wonder what could’ve been. Wiggins was on a mission to show the Cavs they shouldn’t have traded him. He finished with 27/2/2 and had a solid game defensively. The thing Cavs fans need to realize is he wouldn’t put up those numbers for the Cavs. He would struggle to find shots while playing with LeBron and Irving. He also doesn’t play like this every night. He is only averaging 12 points a game. The point is he wouldn’t have that big of an impact on the Cavs this season, and would take years to gel within this offense. I hope he turns into the great player, though. He has the ability to become one of the best two way guard in the NBA as he polishes his game in the next five years. It just wasn’t going to work out with him in Cleveland.


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