What We Learned: Cavs vs T-Wolves


The Cavs were finally on the right side of a “return” game. After losing both games LeBron returned to his former team the Cavs we’re able to beat the T-Wolves in Kevin Love’s return to Minnesota. Here’s what we learned from the win.

The Cavs were able to win without their best stuff. LeBron was scoring, but no one else really was. Smith, Irving, and Love combined for 31 points on 12-37 shooting. We usually see better numbers from those 3. It’s good to see that the Cavs can go on the road and win games without having their best stuff.

Andrew Wiggins still wishes he was on the Cavs. He totaled 33 points in a losing effort. He doesn’t play like this every night, that’s why he’s averaging 15 points a game. He turns his game up a notch when he faces the team that drafted him. One of the biggest complaints about Wiggins during the draft was his lack of motivation. We all saw just how good he can be when he wants to. Is he motivated like this every night in Minnesota? He doesn’t appear to be. No matter what he says, you know he wishes he was playing alongside Kyrie and LeBron. It just wasn’t meant to be.

The Minnesota fans aren’t real fond of Kevin Love anymore. I understand you never like to see your star player leave (I mean we’re Cavs fans WE KNOW), but it wasn’t like Love didn’t give Minnesota a chance to keep him. He wanted a max contract from the Timberwolves and he didn’t get it. Love knew he deserved the max contract and said he wanted out of Minnesota AFTER they didn’t give it to him. If the fans are mad he left they should be booing their owner Glen Taylor and former GM David Kahn. They were the ones that didn’t want him. Love didn’t turn his back on the team and the city, the front office turned their backs on Love. To top it all off the Timberwolves produced a promotional video that didn’t include him in it. I understand it was a joke, but that’s not how a professional organization acts. If I was an NBA player I wouldn’t want to play in Minnesota.

I still feel bad for Anthony Bennett every time I see him play. Honestly the worst thing that ever happened to his basketball game was being drafted with the number 1 overall pick. He just isn’t that kind of talent. He came into the league with too much pressure, and he just hasn’t lived up to the expectations of being a number 1 pick. I hope he can turn it around and make a good career for himself. It really is a sad story to see. I’m rooting for Anthony Bennett.

The Cavs have more wins in their winning streak than Minnesota has in their whole season. I don’t mean to rub it in, but it is what it is.

LeBron James is still the King of the 4th quarter. The Cavs went into the 4th quarter trailing 76-79. LeBron came out in the 4th quarter and put the team on his back! There was no way the King was going to let the 10 game winning streak end to the 8 win T-Wolves. LeBron took control of the game and outscored the T-Wolves by himself 16-11 in the 4th quarter. He ended the game with 36/5/6. Just another day in the office for the King.

The Cavs will head back home to take on the Sixers on Tuesday. There’s no reason the Cavs winning streak doesn’t get pushed to 11 games.

Jackson Flickinger

pic credit to Cleveland.com

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