What We Learned: Cavs vs Pistons


The Cavs were able to win their 7th straight game Tuesday against the Pistons. After a lackluster start to the game, the Cavs were able to turn out a 30 point 2nd quarter. They never looked back and were able to win this one 103-95. Here’s what we learned.

 The Cavs interior defense can actually be…good. It’s still feels weird to say but it’s true. Mozgov, Thompson, and Love were able to hold Andre Drummond to 12 points on 6-17 shooting. The numbers don’t tell the true story, the Cavs controlled the paint on both sides of the floor. It’s great to see the Cavs actually hold a dominant big man in check.

• The Cavs still need a backup point guard. Kyrie Irving played just under 42 minutes tonight. I love Kyrie, but I don’t want him playing over 40 minutes a game. That’s too many minutes, especially for somebody like Kyrie who is known to have had injury problems in the past.

•  Shawn Marion is continuing to provide solid minutes off the bench. Marion has flown under the radar with all of the hype surrounding the Cavs’ new acquisitions, but Marion has played great. He’s filled his role perfectly. Every contender would love to have a player like Marion that can play 15-20 minutes a game and play exceptional defense. The great thing about Marion is his versatility. He can guard any player 1-4. I know many people in Cleveland have been critical of Marion this year, but he really doesn’t deserve it. He had another solid game on Tuesday. He finished with 8 points on 4-5 shooting and collected 4 rebounds.

• Tristan Thompson is a rebounding machine. We already know this, but he reminded us again on Tuesday night. He finished this one with 12 rebounds including 6 on the offensive glass.

• LeBron is still King of the Palace. LeBron used to always dominate the Palace at Auburn Hills back in the day. We all remember the performances he had in the playoffs against them in ’06 and ’07. This wasn’t a performance like that, but LeBron still dominated. He finished this one with 32/7/6. It was just another day in the office for the King.

• Kyrie Irving should be on the All-Star team. Kyrie finished this one with 38/6/3. When Kyrie is on he can be unstoppable, and he was unstoppable tonight. We as Cavs fans all know how good Irving is, I just hope the people picking out the All-Star team do as well. He deserves to be on it and he showed us that on Tuesday night.

The Cavs will look to push their winning streak to 8 games on Wednesday night against Portland.


pic credit cleveland.com

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