What We Learned: Cavs vs Lakers


The Cavs embarrassed the Lakers on national TV on Sunday afternoon. The Cavs put the loss to Indianapolis behind them with a 120-105 statement win. Here’s what we learned from the win.

The Big 3 can all dominate at the same time. LeBron, Love, and Kyrie finished with a combined 82 points on 29-48 shooting. Can’t ask for much more than that can you? We saw how scary this group can be when they’re all on the top of their game. The Cavs can blow anybody out when they play like this. Not just bad teams like the Lakers.

The Cavs are unstoppable when they’re hitting their 3’s. They hit 18 3’s while shooting 55% from deep. Like any 3 point shooting team, they go on hot and cold streaks. The best part about the offense is it’s not one dimensional. They can score even when they aren’t hitting from deep, but when they are they’re virtually unstoppable.

Kyrie can share the ball. We often look at Kyrie as being a 2 guard and not a point guard, but he showed us on Sunday why he’s a premier point guard. He finished with an efficient 28 points on 10-14 shooting (including 5-8 from distance) and 10 assists. Kyrie has taken his game to another level the past couple week. In my opinion there’s no other point guard in the league that would fit better on the Cavs than Kyrie Irving does. He’s been that good recently.

LeBron can be 2 assists away from a triple-double, and not be the best player on the floor. The King finished with 22/8/10. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for him, just another day in the life of the best player on the planet.

Iman Shumpert can lock down the perimeter. He showed us just how good of a defender he can be. He finished with 4 steals on Sunday afternoon. Cleveland desperately needed help with their perimeter defense, and that’s exactly what Shump has provided. I think he will take J.R. Smith’s place in the starting lineup before the season ends. Smith finished with only 2 points on Sunday afternoon.

You never know which Kevin Love you’re going to get. Some days you get the Kevin Love that scores 5 points and other days you get the one that scores over 30. Fortunately on Sunday the Cavs got the 30 point Kevin Love. He finished with 32/3/10. He was also 7-8 from behind the 3 point line. That’s the Kevin Love we’d like to see more of. I have said before that the offense is at its best when Love is scoring, that was the case on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully we see more games like this from Love, not just once a month.

The Cavs final game before the All-Star break is Wednesday against the Heat.

– Jackson Flickinger

pic credit Cleveland.com

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