What We Learned: Cavs vs Knicks


The Cavs traveled to New York and took care of business. They came out on fire and never gave the Knicks a chance. Here’s what we learned from the dominating win.

LeBron James is now the 22nd leading scorer in NBA history. The King passed Allen Iverson on the all time scoring list. Next up on the list is his good friend Ray Allen. LeBron finished with 18/7/7 in the easy win on Sunday afternoon. Remember when we were all complaining that LeBron was playing too much? LeBron played under 30 minutes for the 2nd straight game. That’s a trend we’d like to see continue

Kevin Love’s good games are great. He finished with 16 points and 16 boards. He’s showed us time and time again he can dominate some games, and then disappear in others.

Lou Amundson is an NBA starter. I didn’t know the Knicks actually had him in the starting lineup. Hey Brandon Haywood, if I were you I’d try to get on the Knicks. You could be competing for a starting job!

The Cavs can get killed on the offensive glass. The Knicks out rebounded Cleveland 50-47 and picked up 19 offensive rebounds along the way. Now you do get a lot of chances to get offensive rebounds when you shoot 37% from the field, but that’s no excuse to get owned on the offensive glass like that.

Brandon Haywood got playing time and Mike Miller didn’t. Mike Miller was a starter a couple months ago, and now he doesn’t get playing time in a blowout.

J.R. Smith had something to prove to Knicks’ fans. Knicks fans weren’t quiet about their disapproval of Smith when he was in New York. The fans were happy to see him shipped away. Smith knew that and he was out to put on a show for them. He finished with 17 points on 7-11 shooting. Oh yeah he also had 2 monster slams! Not a bad homecoming in my opinion.

Player of the Game: J.R. Smith – You can’t give anyone else the honors after seeing those dunks.

The Cavs will be back in action on Tuesday night against the Pistons. I feel another long winning streak coming.

Jackson Flickinger

pic credit to Cleveland.com

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