What We Learned: Cavs vs Kings


The Cavs got embarrassed again without LeBron. This time it was by the Kings. It’s hard to stay positive about the team right now. Here’s’ what we learned.

Mozgov will be the starting center. He had a good game and finished with 14 points and 12 boards. Mozgov could be the exact player the Cavs always needed at center. Let’s hope he can keep playing like this.

J.R. Smith is inconsistent, but we already knew that. He followed up a 30 point game against Golden State with 4 points against Sacramento. Smith was only 2/10 from the field. Unfortunately this is how J.R. Smith has been this year, and really his entire career, to an extent. You have to enjoy the good games and just hope to survive the bad games.

This team is built around LeBron, and can’t play without him. This team is built completely around LeBron. All the role players we have are built to play with LeBron. When LeBron isn’t in the lineup this is an awful team. There’s no nice way to say it. We have good pieces in Love and Irving, but we didn’t build the team around them. We built it around LeBron. We all hoped the Cavs would be able to compete without LeBron, it just wasn’t the case. Come back soon LeBron!

Blatt doesn’t think Love is a max contract player. Kevin Love is personally my favorite player on the Cavs, but Blatt is right. Love hasn’t played like a max contract player yet this year. It isn’t smart for Blatt to say that to the media though. He may be trying to light a fire under Love, but I don’t think this is the way of going about it. In today’s NBA it’s not smart for a rookie coach on the hot seat like Blatt to go after one of the team’s superstars. We’ll see how this situation plays out. We just need LeBron to come back ASAP! Another 8 game winning streak would solve a lot of problems.


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