What to Make of The NBA Being Postponed

This is the strangest time to be a sports fan. But, I get it…

The NBA is doing what is best for its fans and players. There are already two players on the Utah Jazz that tested positive for CoronaVirus in Rudy Gobert and now Donovan Mitchell. Who knows how many countless other people those two came in contact with throughout these past few weeks? After all, this is a CONTACT sport we are talking about in basketball, plus life in general.

As Cavs fans, certainly, it’s different this year compared to say when LeBron James was on the team and they were contending for the top playoff spot in the East. A lot of fans may not even watch the games at this point with a poor record of 19-46. However, for other cities in contention, this is devastating.

My parents used to always say when I was a little boy, “safety first.” Now, this was when I was riding my bike without a helmet or something of that nature. Not a global pandemic that is killing thousands and destroying the stock market. I think those words do ring true in the current situation, however.

I was saying these past few days that if one person dies from attending an event, such as a NBA game, it’s not worth playing them until this virus is under control.

Moreover, the Cavs are one of five teams being told to self-quarantine and it’s because they recently played the Jazz. Thus, players came in clear contact with those diagnosed with the virus. A league cannot function with five teams unable to play.

The strangest part of this entire thing is that teams have played around 65 games of the 82-game season. It’s not like the entire year was canceled from the beginning and players knew they had this entire season to work on their respective games or chill at the beach house…whatever they wanted to do.

This was 80% of the way finished with the regular season. That’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears for no champion to be crowned at the end of it all.

And this is what is to be determined…

Will the league be able to find a way to complete the season, play the playoffs and crown a champion at the end of it all? What will happen if some of the players don’t get an offseason like usual or of regular length? What changes will be made once play resumes making sure that the players, coaches and fans are safe?

Many also know that most of the college conference tournaments have been canceled. The March Madness Tournament is going to end up being played without any people besides essential fans in the audience.

I believe all sports fans, from any city, can agree that this sucks. The loss of life is horrific and it’s tough hearing of the sick people. Us not getting to watch the teams we love is very sad, in a much different sense. Let’s hope that a swift and effective solution is figured out and life can return to normality.


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