Now that the draft is getting close, it is becoming more and more of a talk around the NFL. The Browns have some positions they need to fill with the draft, and thankfully those positions have some good players in them. But what exactly will the Browns decide to choose, I’ll tell you.

Best Positions for the First Few Rounds

In my opinion, the Browns really only have two places they should target with the first few picks. The first one is defensive tackle, and a crucial piece on the Browns team. I feel like even though we have some decent starters on that side of the ball, but injuries can force depth players to step up, which is our problem. We don’t have the greatest depth in that area, and so we need to find some players to fill that out. Depth selections mostly come around the 4th-7th rounds, with the other ones being used for starters and hopefully stars. The other is offensive tackle, though defensive tackle takes priority. We had some injuries and other problems in that area (cough cough Jedrick Wills, cough), so I think the Browns are going to have their eye on some of those players. I guess we have to wait and see though.

Secondary Positions for the First Few Rounds

Let’s just say the Browns decide to go wild and pick something crazy. I highly doubt this is going to happen, since we really need the positions mentioned above, but who knows. If they did decide to do this, the most likely positions are going to be wide receiver, secondary help (cornerback and safety), and then linebacker. I personally think linebacker is the most likely of the three, since we do need a little bit more depth there. The most unlikely is easily wide receiver, since we have completely filled out that area of the team. We have had some problems with safeties so they might look in that direction, but again I feel like that is unlikely.

Later Round Positions

Now that the big rounds are done and we are getting into the BA picks (best available), so i’ll combine the two paragraphs into one. This is where depth picks begin, so it widens the amount of positions they might take. Again I think though that the most likely is going to be defensive and offensive tackle. Just because they are coming out of the draft later doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be good, and when you need help somewhere might as well try twice. It increases your odds of getting some suitable, which is something overlooked by fans sometimes. Once those are gone I think Edge will take over, which is a position I haven’t mentioned. The Browns don’t exactly need starting players there, which is why these picks are perfect for the situation. A fifth-round edge certainly isn’t going to start, but he may still make a difference as a solid depth player in case of an injury. After those three are gone it goes back to linebacker, safety and wide receiver.


The draft is creeping ever closer, and boy is it exciting. This one is even more exciting now that the Browns are in playoff contention, and even might win our entire division. If you are wondering about some players that I would like the Browns to take, they include T’vondre Sweat (Texas), Audric Estime (Notre Dame), Bryon Murphy II (Texas), Dominick Puni (Kansas), and Javon Foster (Missouri). I’d totally recommend some of y’all go watch their highlights, just to get a feel for what they do. This draft is going to be pretty fun, so go Browns!

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