With the Browns trading away a sixth and a fifth to the Broncos in exchange for Jeudy, they have developed one of the best WR cores the NFL has. Even though this happened though, the only way for the core to reach their full potential is for Watson (or someone else) to produce high-level games.

The Overall Implications of the Trade

Some broader implications involves the draft and how the team is now going to go about it. Considering we no longer have a sixth and a fifth, that already changes the entire landscape of our draft. WR was a position the Browns were going to need to target, at least somewhat, in this draft. Now that it has been filled, the Browns may look at other places to use their picks. The overall team also has been changed, as now the receiver core has mostly been fleshed out. Other than a 5 spot, the core is basically locked in for the start of the season. Cooper, Moore, Jeudy, Tillman and someone else is going to be the core, with Njoku mixed in at tight-end.

The Watson Implications of the Trade

If it wasn’t already clear enough, the Browns are trying to make Watson the best he can possibly be. This is, by a quite large margin, the best team he has ever had. A great running back, great TE/WR core, decent offensive line, and incredible defense there are no more excuses for Watson. This trade is basically an indirect letter to Watson saying “if you are unable to produce high-tier play (top 15-10), we will no longer require your services at the QB position.” Disclaimer: No one actually said this.¬†Watson has no more excuses, and anything other than a good season will be unacceptable.

NFL Implications of the Trade

Believe it or not, the NFL is going to be quite affected by this trade. Now, it makes the Browns real contenders for an AFC title, and even a Super Bowl. Though we still have to go through the Chiefs, Ravens, Dolphins, Bills, Texans and others, the Browns can now be put into a space with the highest ranked teams. If just a few more positions can be filled, this may be the most complete team in the entire NFL.

Final Thoughts

Alongside all this, Jeudy is also a very young player. Him, Tillman, Moore and Njoku all are still quite young, and will be able to produce well for the next 4-5 years. His youth is another nice little bonus, since getting a younger WR is always nice. No matter what though, this clearly shows that Berry and the Browns organization as a whole is willing and ready to make moves for the betterment of the team.

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