What The Indefinite Suspension Means For Garrett, Browns

Oh, well.

It’s kind of like when you break up with a girl (or guy) and try and give this huge speech to win her back and she says…”no.” I definitely thought defensive end Myles Garrett was going to get suspended (even after the appeal) – but not this. I even thought it may go the rest of the year/playoffs.

BUT, indefinite?

“The CBA states you can’t suspend a player indefinitely for an in-game act. Yet Myles Garrett remains suspended indefinitely.”

Well, this means it’s going to hang over the Browns all season, offseason and it could hurt the team next year, too. No one knows the next time Garrett will see the field.

At his appeal hearing in New York, Garrett claimed Mason Rudolph said a racial slur to him during the game before the helmet incident occurred. If this is true, everything makes sense. However, there isn’t definite proof…

On the football field, the Browns have a huge spot to fill. Garrett had 10 sacks, 29 tackles and two forced fumbles on the year. It looks like Chad Thomas will replace him. The second-year man out of Miami, but certainly not as viable as Garrett.

No, it’s not the same as losing a quarterback or running back, but it certainly makes a difference for this defense that has struggled at times.

The Browns are 4-6, basically having to go 6-0 or 5-1 to finish the year to make the playoffs. Without Garrett on the field, that makes an extremely difficult task even harder.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that Garrett will be back for next year. That’s what is so awful about the “indefinite” label here. This could stem into next season…

Ultimately, in a perfect world, Garrett could have just thrown the helmet to the side and not banged Rudolph in the head harder than a Rocky Balboa left hook. Regardless, I believe this punishment is way too steep, especially with how Rudolph is fine.

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