What Should The Cavs Do With Donovan Mitchell?


With the NBA playoffs near, the Cavs will have some decisions to make on SG Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell will look to become a free agent when the NBA offseason hits. There have been some rumors going around about Mitchell re-signing and other rumors of Mitchell signing elsewhere like the New York Knicks. If the Cavaliers are looking to keep Mitchell they should do the following:

The Cavs should offer Mitchell a contract extension and let him know they are committed to keeping him on the team as they traded him to be a valuable member of the Cavs. Of course, Mitchell will probably explore the free-agent market, but the Cavs should at least put an offer on the table for Mitchell to decide.

If Mitchell does indeed walk, the Cavs would have done everything they could to keep him if they follow the contract offer scenario. At the end of the day, if Mitchell walks, the Cavs will still find other opportunities to improve the team!

Whatever scenario happens, this will not occur until the next few months as the NBA will now begin the postseason here in the coming days. As of right now, let’s continue to enjoy the ride! Let’s Go Cavs!!!

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