What Is Happening??? The Cavs Are Cold But Looking To Bounce Back

On February 21, 2021, the Cleveland Cavaliers have now lost another game. This time, they fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder with a final score of 117-101. The Cavs have now lost 10-straight games and have gone cold as they continue to struggle.

This is a much different situation the team is in now compared to early on this season. At the beginning of the season, the Cavs looked promising, had played well and looked like a possible playoff team. These expectations have turned a different angle after witnessing this 10-game losing streak.

Looking at the current standings, the Cavs are in 4th place of the Eastern Central Division and the 14th best team in the conference. The only team that the Cavs are doing better than in the East is the Detroit Pistons. The Cavs main struggle this season has been learning how to play defense. The Cavs can score tons of points without any hesitation, but their defense needs to be improved in order to win games.

The Cavs have only five more games remaining in the regular season. Their next opponent is against the Atlanta Hawks. This is a game where the Cavs have a chance to bounce-back and look for their 11th win. The playoffs for this season are gone, but the Cavs can still finish the season out strong if they find a way to win again.

Even though this season has turned into a disappointment, the Cavs still have a bright future. PG Collin Sexton and PG Darius Garland are an amazing duo that has not failed to put points on the board this entire season. The best thing the Cavs can do right now is to finish the rest of this season strong and build on for next season.

Stay positive Cleveland! The Cleveland Cavaliers have a bright future for years to come.

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