What is Going to Happen With Dylan Windler?

When Dylan Windler’s rookie season ended before it could really begin, it brought up some questions regarding his health and future. With Windler suffering a tibial stress reaction, is he going to be a part of the Cavs future?

Windler’s injury was only supposed to be six to eight weeks, so it’s not surprising that fans are getting worried. Now that it is safe to say the season is over, Windler has yet to play for the Cavs. Adding to that, there was already prior injury concern at his draft workouts when he felt soreness. Putting all this into consideration, what is his future on the team or even in the NBA?

The rookie, who was selected due to his shooting and all-around play, was brought on to be a spot shooter and quality role player. As long as Windler has a fine recovery, he can play a solid role on the team. The team should start someone like Kevin Porter Jr. over him, and Windler can provide the bench scoring the Cavs need. Right now, the bench looks like Matthew Dellavedova, Dante Exum, Porter Jr., Larry Nance Jr. and  Tristan Thompson. It seems like Porter Jr. is probably going to start in the near future. Assuming the roster doesn’t have some major turnover, the second unit could use some scoring – this is where Windler could come in.

Unless the Cavs want to risk his future, Windler will have a limited role next season. Until he is one hundred percent, Windler won’t see many minutes down the stretch. Once he is healthy, the best role for him is like Kyle Korver or JJ Reddick. Someone who will space the floor for Andre Drummond or any of the Cavs bigs and hit a couple shots.


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