What If Apollo Beat Rocky in SuperFight II?

Honestly, I’d probably find myself writing about The Rocky Movies even if all sports were not canceled at the current moment. For those that do not know me, they are my favorite movies and inspiration in life.

This afternoon, I take a look at the second Rocky vs. Apollo fight that took place in Philadelphia, Rocky’s hometown, at The Spectrum. It was in 1979, but technically just 10 months later than the first fight (1976) in the script.

What is so interesting about this second fight is that Creed (Carl Weathers) basically dominates the entire fight with punch after punch and has a victory against his rival sealed. Before the last round begins, Apollo’s trainer Duke implores him to simply stay away because he has him beat on points and to not go for the knockout. However, Apollo wants the knockout and decides to go for it.

The rest is history.

Rocky hits Apollo, both of them are down for the count and are trying to get up, but it is only Balboa that is able to stand. Apollo collapses and Rocky wins the fight by standing and becomes the Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Now, had Apollo listened to his trainer, he would have won. It is interesting to think what the press and general public would have thought if Apollo failed to knock Rocky out once again. Yes, he would have won the fight, maintained the belt and the title, but the way the public looked at him certainly would have been poorly.

Many would claim that Creed did not have the ability to knockout Balboa. It’s a fair criticism due to the “Southpaw Jinx.” 

Either those two would have had to fight for a third time, or else there always would’ve been an asterisk next to Apollo Creed’s name. A fictional fighter that had an undefeated and incredible career before fighting Rocky.

Yes, technically the two do fight again at the end of the third movie. It’s in private and the audience never gets to see the outcome of that bout. Thus, I do not count it.

I understand that Rocky is not real and it is a script written by the great Sylvester Stallone. This series of movies has given so many people inspiration and regardless of if it’s acting or real boxing, the inspiration is real. I’ve been inspired for nearly my entire life and that is why I enjoy writing about the series and giving my thoughts on various storylines that could’ve changed.

Here’s a Rocky quote to finish off…

“I stopped thinking the way other people think a long time ago. You gotta think like you think.” – Rocky Balboa


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