April 20, 2024

What I Learned From Johnny Manziel’s Podcast Interview


After listening to Johnny Manziel on his podcast interview with Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay, I really respect the former Browns quarterback a lot more now than I did since his NFL career ended in 2016.

We all remember his years after getting drafted by the Browns in 2014 at 22nd overall. I’ll admit, I was crazy about the guy and thrilled the Browns took him with that pick. I was ready to get started with this guy here in The Land!

Of course, those two seasons in the NFL were an absolute disaster compared to this illustrious and polarizing college quarterback with Texas A&M where he was literally the man.

I didn’t realize how much of a negative influence the Browns starter at the time QB Brian Hoyer was in the locker room.

Of course, drinking and drugs were a horrible influence on Manziel. What’s nice to see is that now the 31-year-old seems to be at peace with himself even after all the negativity with playing football.

Manziel literally lost 40 pounds due to cocaine usage. That’s scary.

The biggest story of the interview is actually what Manziel’s father did without him even knowing. This via USA TODAY:

“It’s the spring of 2014, December 2013. I’m getting ready to make this decision on if I’m going to the NFL draft or if I’m going to stay. My dad went and had a meeting with Kevin Sumlin. And pretty much went to him man to man and was like, ‘We’ll take $3 million and we’ll stay for the next two years. And my dad did this without me knowing. And I ain’t mad at him about it for nothing.”

Well, this is likely something that his father probably didn’t want Manziel to reveal publically. It can certainly lead to some questions in the future and it’ll be interesting to see if that becomes of anything.

I also didn’t know that LeBron James and his people had such an influence on Manziel and how he truly did let them down overall. The fact that these two forces were together in Cleveland was very cool. It goes to show just how severe Manziel’s mental health was when LeBron James is messaging you to hang out with his buddies and him and you’re sad about it…

Let’s hope Johnny is able to handle himself as his retirement continues. Yes, his career in the NFL was disappointing, but no one will forget his time as a Hisman Trophy winner with A&M.

It was very brave for him to speak about his troubles and that interview was great. This is the link to the interview on Spotify! Both parts:

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