February 27, 2024

The Cleveland Browns will be premiering their “Brownie Elf” logo on the 50-yard-line at First Energy Stadium against the New York Jets on Sunday. Now, it leads me to the question of, What even is the Brownie elf?

These are the Cleveland Browns. A team that has a name from a color. The primary logo has been of an orange helmet (yes, a different color) for many, many years and that’s just been how it is…

According to a Cleveland.com article about the Brownie Elf:

“The character made its debut in the team’s first season in the old All-America Football Conference (AAFC) in 1946. Owner Arthur McBride named the team after its coach, Paul Brown, but needed a mascot to market it. The name Brownie comes from Scottish folklore. They’re described as cantankerous and mischievous spirits with elf-like features who come out at night to do chores around the house and who invented the chocolate sweet treat we now know as brownies. According to Barry Shuck of dawgsbynature.com, the first iteration of the logo was inspired by a Sears and Roebuck advertisement.”

Interesting. Did you know that Art Modell hated the Brownie and so in that case we should all love it, right?

Of course, Cleveland fans are all too familiar with names and logos because of the recent change from the Cleveland Indians to Guardians, the removal of Chief Wahoo and that whole debate on the baseball team. Honestly, Guardians still doesn’t feel right, but that’s another debate for another day.

Now, the Brownie doesn’t bother me. I actually think it’s a cool logo and I am fine with it at the 50. However, if I had to choose, I’d go with the classic helmet logo and stick with that moving forward.

It was the fans that actually voted the elf over other options for the midfield logo.

We’ll have to see if Brownie brings this team good fortune this home opener and beyond when the team plays its first game at the stadium this upcoming Sunday. If they lose 50-0, watch all the fans blame the elf and not all the other problems that they have. Joking aside, it’s certainly a winnable game and hopefully the beginning of many wins with the elf.

Now, the question is, can kicker Cade York hit a field goal from the elf? After last week’s amazing kick against the Carolina Panthers, it’s certainly a possibility and would be very cool to see.

Ultimately, the Browns will always be remembered with the helmet logo. Just like the Guardians will always be remembered as the Indians with Chief Wahoo.

Beat the Jets and let’s make the beginning of the Brownie era a good one.

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