What Do You Think, LeBron?

Updated: September 19, 2017

Kyrie Irving just can’t shut up. Irving took to TV this week to express his thoughts on the current situation, while LeBron has kept to his subtweeting and cryptic ways.

Irving went on the show First Take and was barraged with questions about LeBron James and the trade in general. Questions included whether or not Kevin Durant was better than LeBron now and the ultimate question that basketball fans have pondered for years now, Kobe or LeBron? Irving is a huge fan of Kobe Bryant and Bryant has served as a mentor for the young Irving throughout the beginning of his career.

Irving was asked why he didn’t alert James that he wanted to be traded and Irving asked why he would have to. Now, while many fans have waited to criticize Irving through this whole situation, it seems now that Kyrie has cemented his reputation in Cleveland now. Fans have been left with a foul taste in their mouth after this interview for Irving. He seemed confused as to why some people got their feelings hurt.

Kyrie seems to be living in a different world than the rest of us; he seems to think he’s Kobe Bryant. Kobe played alongside Shaq for the beginning of his career and hated to share the spotlight with him even though they won back-to-back-to-back titles together.

LeBron hasn’t made any public remarks about the interview, it’s not LeBron’s thing to come out and comment on things like this, so we didn’t expect anything different. What LeBron did was post a video of him working out with Kevin Love and thanking Kev for letting him use UCLA this summer to help work out. I don’t expect the bond between IT and James to be one for the ages, but I do expect the bond between James and Love to grow stronger than ever this season and going forward.

Many people haven’t really asked the question whether LeBron got his feelings hurt, but in my opinion, he did. It’s hard as a human to get cheated like that and not have your feelings hurt. While it’s obvious the bond between James and Irving wasn’t that strong, apparently Irving didn’t talk to teammates during the playoffs.

This interview completely solidified that the Cavs are better off without Irving; he doesn’t even seem to be mentally stable. Irving’s ego was something nobody thought of because he was on a crappy team when he got drafted and then anything about Uncle Drew was put on hold when James returned back home.

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