April 15, 2024

What Can Ohio State Expect As March Madness Approaches?


The Ohio State Buckeyes enter the Big 10 Tournament as the seven seed. Ohio State did not have the greatest regular season finishing the year as the 19th ranked team, even losing their regular-season finale against the 16th ranked Michigan State Spartans. As the season started, the Buckeyes played with a fire inside of them winning 13 of their first 20 games. As the season continued, the Buckeyes would have some great wins such as their win against Maryland, but would also have some heartbreaking defeats such as their loss to Kentucky.

Ohio State fans very easily know that they have a great football team, but the basketball team hasn’t been the model of a championship team. They have been a team that will be a regular in the March Madness tournament but are not looked at as the favorites to win the championship. The Buckeyes have not won the March Madness tournament since 1960, their closest point to being champions again was 2007 as runners-up’s. Fans of The Buckeyes football team have come to expect greatness every year; the basketball team wants that, but it is unlikely that will be the case, at least this season.

The record of 21 – 10 is nothing to sneeze at. Many teams would give everything they have to reach 21 wins in a season, but it just doesn’t feel right as an Ohio State fan. Buckeyes fans expect their teams to be in the hunt, which cannot be denied in any of their athletic programs, but their basketball program is looked at as good, not great. They have enough talent to get into March Madness, but it’s never enough to grab the gold and hang a banner in the rafters once again.

As March Madness approaches, Buckeye fans have a feeling that their team will be in the tournament, but the question is how far will they go? In my opinion, they can likely make the round of 32. The 2019 team only made it to the round of 32 and this team is very similar to the 2019 team. Buckeye fans have much to look forward to in many of the athletic programs, but a championship is not in the near future of the Buckeye Men’s basketball team. This year is not the end of the line if the Buckeyes can recruit well. It is not much of a stretch that we could see the Buckeyes eyeing a championship in the near future.

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