I’ve come to learn that there are two types types of Cleveland Indians fans in these parts. The first type is what I would consider myself. I love the Indians with all my heart, but I’ll share that appreciation equally with the Browns and Cavaliers as well.

Group two. These loyal fans love the Indians with all their hearts, but it’s not shared between the other two major sports teams here in Cleveland. This fan takes pride in being loyal to the Indians, despite the fact that I’d say they are the least popular team here in Cleveland. I mean, attendance has been a problem for years. And baseball is just flat out not as exciting as football or basketball is.

Now as the air starts to warm and baseball gets under way, this second type of fan loves to bash the Cavaliers. A wine and gold squad that is two games out of clinching their very first playoff birth since the Lebron James Era way back in 2010. Albeit, in a weak Eastern Conference.  The camaraderie, teamwork and leadership on these Cavaliers has grown and fostered out on the floor over the course of this season.

Yet I see comments from Clevelanders, specifically Indians die-hards that read “Who cares? The 8th seed doesn’t matter.”

Funny because those same Indians fans were going absolutely ballistic as the Tribe clinched the chance to play ONE GAME against the Tampa Bay Rays to get to the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox. A team that won 96 games of dominant baseball winning an extremely tough AL East. Oh by the way, they were eventually crowned champions of the world.

The likelihood of the Indians winning the wild card game against Tampa Bay and then going on to defeat the Red Sox in a five game series was extremely low.

Yet you had so much hope and faith for the Tribe. As did I.

The point I’m trying to make here is that I don’t believe the Cavaliers’ odds as an 8th seed against a Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers team in the first round of the playoffs is any lower than the Indians chances were of making it to (the real) second round of the post season.

The Cavs are playing great ball down the stretch against a rather weak schedule. This is exactly what the Indians did to clinch too.

So far all you “Indians only” type of fans. I respect and admire your admiration for this ball club like no other. I love the Tribe as well. It’s just that we as Cleveland fans are a team too, and I feel it’s unfair to the Cavaliers to bash the 8th seed of the playoffs as I look back to last year’s Indians season.

Who knows, if the Cavs make the playoffs maybe something magical will happen. The boys have talent.

-Zach Shafron

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