The only good thing to come out of 2020 for the Browns franchise was the hiring of this immortal being in head coach Kevin Stefanski. Before Stefanski was hired, the Browns were sadly the laughing stock of the NFL and a stain on the great City of Cleveland.

Now, look at us.

Coming off of our first playoff win against a division rival and a win that has been 26 years in the making. We are back and not leaving anytime soon.

Stefanski, who sadly had to watch the game from home, has been cleared for the next game against the Kansas City Chiefs and will be looking to add another win under his belt. On December 6, Stefanski became the first coach since 2007 to take the Browns to a winning season since 2007. He will certainly have a tough battle.

But really, let’s think.

The Chiefs lost to the Chargers. With enough “moxy” going into this game and the whole North Eastern region of Ohio behind him, I believe we will end up with the result that we want.

Let’s look at how things have changed since the GOAT became part of the “Dawg Pound” and the face of the franchise. Let’s be honest, before he came into the organization we were utter garbage. We did nothing right, we played horribly and were in the bottom half on points allowed and points per game. Since Stefanski has taken over, we are in the top half of the league for points per game and our points allowed has gone up a few places and we sit 21st in the league. Not terrible, but we can do better and Stefanski knows that fact. One great thing about Stefanski is he is open to changing up defensive play-calling each week and is also open to change. Stefanski’s willingness to change is a big factor in how well the Browns have done this season.

Look at the cold, hard facts.

For the past few seasons, the Browns had the same players but for some reason were not performing how they should have been. Now, with Stefanski, the team is performing beyond our own expectations. What is the common theme in us doing well?

If you guessed Stefanski, you would be right.


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