Welcoming the Newest Player of the Cleveland Cavaliers – Isaac Okoro!

With the fifth pick of the 2020 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select Isaac Okoro!

Every Cavs fan should be excited about adding Okoro to our young core. His main draw as a prospect comes from his exceptional defense, with many analysts calling him the best wing defender in the draft. With the Cavs being one of the worst defensive teams last year, adding Okoro is a great improvement. He has a high defensive IQ and is great at guarding players on and off the ball. Whether it’s a guard, wing or forward, Okoro can guard them. 

Don’t expect Okoro to become a great offensive option.

He is a defensive specialist, but not much of a scorer. In the article, Isaac Okoro’s Draft Scouting Report: Pro Comparison, Updated Cavaliers Roster, Scott Polacek writes, Okoro won’t take over games offensively, but he’s efficient, and he’ll find a way to fit into an off-ball role. Scouts want to see if he can build on the flashes of playmaking and improve his shooting, a debated topic within NBA front offices.” Okoro, a dreadful 29% three-point shooter, won’t be too effective on offense, but the Cavs are hoping his defense can make up for his little impact on that end of the floor.

Isaac Okoro may not become the star player the Cavs need, but he’s a player every contender would love to have. 


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