I believe that the first game of the 2014 NFL season for our Cleveland Browns against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field has the potential to change it all. Gone with the losing, the disappointment, and the pure anger. The page turned, a new chapter beginning that reads – Cleveland Glory.

Over my brief 17 years of being alive/a Browns fan, I, alongside my fellow Cleveland faithful, have suffered through so much pain. Two winning seasons, one playoff birth and a big fat zero playoff wins. The Browns have made me scream, cry and yell at the top of my lungs for countless Sunday afternoons.

However, week 1 in the Steel City can change it all. The tears are for joy, and the cries are for victory.

This year’s NFL Draft has the potential to turn the franchise in the right direction. In the first round, the Browns will be picking at #4 and #26. Those two players, from Watkins to Manziel or even Mack, could potentially take us to the next level.

To be honest, I have reoccurring visions of Johnny Football scrambling for the game winning touchdown, zigging and zagging around oncoming Pittsburgh defenders as he dives for the corner pylon.

Or it could be the Clemson star wideout Sammy Watkins darting behind the Pittsburgh secondary to catch a game winning strike from current quarterback, Brian Hoyer. A post pattern ran perfectly that seals the deal for the Browns.

What a better venue than Pittsburgh for us to reclaim the Cleveland identity. Hard-nosed, explosive football with passionate players giving it 1000% on each and every snap. I know new head coach Mike Pettine will instill that toughness inside each and every one of the 53 players on the roster.

So just imagine the new-look Browns running off the field victorious against those Steelers that we all hate so much. It’s truly a great feeling, and something we all hope to witness. However, it is my belief that it’ll be just be the beginning of what I hope is a very successful new era of football for the Cleveland Browns that spans years into the future.

I can’t wait for September 7th. #WoofWoof

-Zach Shafron

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