We Witnessed and it’s Time to Move On

Tuesday marked the end of an era downtown for the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the second time this decade, the LeBron James billboard was taken down. This time the sign wasn’t taken down in fear of destruction but due to the awkwardness.

Nike decided to remove the poster during Tuesday morning and while they reviewing the options for what they could plaster on their HQ walls, people did not take kindly to the poster being torn down.

It was obvious that everyone wanted the poster down the first time but this time around there is a good amount of fans that wanted the poster to stay up in an act of endearment towards James and in memory of his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This time around his time with the Wine and Gold was much more memorable due to him clinching a title for Cleveland.

Now for the argument to tear down the poster. The poster obviously needed to be taken down and for multiple reasons.

The first reason is that James has moved on from Cleveland and that’s obvious with how he left this time. James posted a picture on his Instagram story, not even an actual Instagram post. It felt as if James was waiting until he could leave Cleveland and he hasn’t talked at all since he’s left. We feel like he’s put Cleveland in his rearview mirror and won’t be thinking about Cleveland until his career is over. I’m not saying that he’s forgotten Cleveland, but we just aren’t his concern anymore.

Another reason is that it’s horribly awkward to have the poster up when he’s still in the league. I feel like it would be awkward to the current players if the poster is still up. I feel it’s appropriate that we dedicate the poster to James once he retires and is officially away from the league.

Nike will more than likely put another athlete up on the board but it would be interesting to see if New Balance will buy out the rights from Sherwin Williams and put together a baseball-themed billboard. We have seen our fair share of billboards and posters downtown with our favorite players, Kyrie has had a billboard downtown as well as Kevin Love but both, however, were not up for very long.

Among the fan favorites for the new billboard is UFC champion Stipe Miocic who is Cleveland bred and has been promoting Cleveland throughout his career and has toted how much he loves living here. Another idea would be putting the entire Cleveland Indians roster on the board or maybe just a few of them.

In the end, the poster is being taken down regardless. We witnessed and now it’s time to move on.


Image: ESPN

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