Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

We Want to Help The Steelers and Here’s Why

It’s every guy’s dream.

You go through a bad breakup but find a new girl who is beautiful, intelligent and perfect for you. Your old girlfriend will never admit that she cares, but deep down she does.

Week 17.

How do the Pittsburgh Steelers get in the playoffs?

First, they must beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Okay, with former Browns Coach Hue Jackson on the sideline, that’s probably going to be easy. Here is the best part. They NEED the Browns to beat the Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC North.

*A Win + Titans/Colts tie gives them the Wild Card (extremely unlikely).

Wow, what a precarious place to be as a Browns fan. The Baltimore Ravens are our rival, of course, and we always want to kick the shit out of them. In doing so, though, we most likely open the door for the Steelers to make the playoffs.

The best case scenario is the Steelers lose and the Browns win!

I am sure you probably read the title of this article and were thinking that it is absolutely crazy, but hear me out.

The Browns beat the Ravens and the Steelers beat the Bengals and they get in the playoffs this year. Sure, it sucks Pittsburgh yet again makes the playoffs, but they most likely will not get very far in a tough AFC.

This is a psychological thing. For the Steelers’ organization and its fan base.

They see Baker Mayfield and the Browns finishing off the year STRONG, even though it helps them. Their quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, is 36 years old and father time is undefeated. Our quarterback here in Cleveland is just finishing his incredible rookie season and has a decade plus left to play.

Big Ben throws against the Browns’ defense that he has tormented for years.

Additionally, it’ll be the Browns’ first winning season at 8-7-1 since 2007 and they will have swept Baltimore as well for the first time in over a decade.

Simply put, the Browns are trending up and the Steelers are running out of gas.

To bring this full circle…

It feels like one giant break up since 1999 here in Cleveland, really up until the back-half of this year (minus a few blips – ’02, ’07). Now, we have that new stunner that is our football team and it’s great.

The Pittsburgh fan base and the team itself won’t like to admit that their time of dominating this division is over. The Browns and the City of Cleveland have this beautiful new relationship with after the way they finished this year, especially if they beat Baltimore handily.

If we win, sure, they make the playoffs. However, in helping them it is a reminder that the Browns mean business. In the years to come, it’ll be this team winning the AFC North and Pittsburgh serving as bottom feeders like the ones that are in my aquarium.

NOTE: Despite my analogy, for any aquarium owners, bottom feeders are essential to a healthy tank.

Go for it all against Baltimore. No regrets! If the Steelers get in, they get in. Their run is coming to an end and everyone knows it.

Go Browns!

Images: CBS

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