We are FAR From Finished

Updated: June 2, 2017

I won’t even TRY to spin the NBA Finals Game 1 last night. And I am really not up for some fake rainbows and sunshine, either. We went into the Oracle as the defending NBA Champions…

Chances are you know the rest.

What I do want to say to all Cleveland Cavaliers fans is to take a deeeeeep breath and calm the hell down. Yes, clearly we have a MAJOR problem with turnovers. We had more turnovers than a Pepperidge Farm Factory and all of those missed shots that should have been easy points really hurt us, too.

We can replay and ruminate over the dumpster fire in Oakland tonight, or we can do what Cleveland does best. Shake it off and look at what’s in front of us. Okay, what’s in front of us is a pack of hungry Warriors hell bent on revenge who seem to have the support of the NBA officials.

We knew we were going to get hate from the media and we shouldn’t be surprised by the missed and ridiculous calls. Now, I’m not usually a Monday morning quarterback, but it’s Thursday evening and no footballs are involved in this discussion.

We need to just be us.

It sounds stupidly simple, but it’s true. We can’t control the refs and the calls, but we CAN, and we MUST relax and be the same team that dominated the playoffs. I’ll leave the rest of the coaching and play calling to coach Lue.

Chin up, Cleveland. This ride is just getting started.


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