February 25, 2024

We All Need To Fully Appreciate LeBron’s Greatness


LeBron’s performance in Game 5 was downright magical. Besides the contributions by Kyle Korver, a pure spot-up shooter who’s also in his 15th season, the entire workload fell on LeBron’s shoulders. Ty Lue sabotaged the team with his rotations and the supporting cast surrounding LeBron struggled once again. Even with another horrific shooting performance by Victor Oladipo, the game still came down to the final possession.

As we’ve seen time and time again in LeBron’s career, the greatest player of all time came through in the final moments. The roster, organization and even city have revolved around LeBron for his tenure in Cleveland. This year, it’s more than ever. This team would’ve been swept by the Pacers if LeBron wouldn’t have played at the level he is now. The rest of this series and beyond will be no different.

I’m still clinging to hope the team can turn it around, that they can finally perform at the peak levels we’ve seen at times during the regular season. After five games, it’s become more and more evident that this could be what it’ll be like for the rest of the playoffs. The Pacers, while still a solid team and a tough first-round matchup, are nothing compared to the teams at the top of this league. The Cavs’ problems will only become more evident as they move further in the playoffs.

I know with a LeBron-led team, championship or bust will always be the expectation. Clearly, from what we’ve seen from everyone on the team besides LeBron, this does not look like a championship-caliber team at the moment. I’m not saying it’s impossible for the Cavs to make it to the finals or that this cannot change, but we cannot allow our frustrations to take away from the greatness of LeBron James.

No matter the outcome of this series or the playoffs, we need to make sure we as fans take time to appreciate LeBron James. LeBron will not be around forever. While I believe he will be back in the wine and gold next season, nothing is guaranteed. We will be doing a disservice to not only him, but ourselves if we don’t enjoy these playoffs, regardless of where the team finishes. We cannot allow a wide-open Jeff Green brick 3-pointer, Kevin Love turnover, George Hill back spasm or the image of Tristan Thompson on the bench to ruin this for us.

There’s no way of knowing how many more times we will get to see the greatest player of all time play at the best he possibly can.


Image: TNT

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