March 4, 2024

It’s funny how we are literally a foot away from the vibes of our entire week being completely changed. Yes, I am of course talking about the missed field goal by the 49ers kicker Jake Moody. The scary part is the Browns defense played historic football and the team still almost lost in Cleveland.

Look, no one was expecting quarterback PJ Walker to shine being thrust into the starting role against practically the best team in the league. I was prepared for a rough afternoon.

Walker went 18/34, 192 yards, two interceptions and was sacked twice as well. The dude looked like, well, a third-string quarterback struggling to play the position.

Now, there are going to be people who hate Deshaun Watson’s guts and want Walker to be the starter. I’ll stop you right there because first of all – NO, just no. Next, Watson gets all of that money and finally, once again the defense saved Walker.

Here’s a thought.

Let’s say Deshaun can’t play the next couple of weeks, can Walker be a decent backup in Cleveland just for the time being? Eh, probably not. Again, the defense would have to save him. Again, the kicker would have to miss a couple of kicks to blow it for the opponent. Again, he’s just simply not that good.

Watson needs to be out there as this quarterback fiasco has been absolutely horrible. The lack of communication between the Browns and the fanbase has been gruesome to deal with in anticipation of the games ahead.

It’s no fun being negative and there was a lot of good from the game specifically on the defensive side of the ball. But let’s be real here. That kick goes in and everyone is saying, “Same old browns.” Not celebrating with dogs, grandmas and others throughout the evening…

Moving forward with a game in Indy on Sunday and it’s time for Deshaun to get healthy and ready to go in order to help said defense. It would be nice to have domination on both sides of the ball throughout. This way the team doesn’t have to pray for a kick to hook in order to celebrate victory.

Even so, the classic saying goes. “A win is a win.”

The Browns were able to win, Walker did just enough and it’s a big one for all. Let’s just do some more on the offensive side of the ball and have our starter back in uniform and healthy for the rest of the season.

It’s easy to hate on Watson, but let’s get him back out there as soon as possible.

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