February 28, 2024

WATSON: Houston Sextons Uhh Texans Settle With 30 Women


Most recently, the Houston Texans have settled with 30 women in regards to the cases against the team because of quarterback Deshaun Watson.

“Although our organization did not have any knowledge of Deshaun Watson’s alleged misconduct, we have intentionally chosen to resolve this matter amicably.

“This is not an admission of any wrongdoing, but instead a clear stand against any form of sexual assault and misconduct.” The team added, “We hope that today’s resolution will provide some form of closure to the parties involved, our fans and the Houston community at large.” – Via TMZ

***There are no financial details about what exactly the women will be receiving from the Texans in the settlement.

However, this goes to show as a reminder that Deshaun Watson has not been charged with anything criminally to date. What these women claim is that the Texans turned a “blind eye” to what was happening between him and the women during their various sessions.

As this never-ending story continues, it is important to remember that the NFL has yet to hand down a punishment to Watson. It will be interesting to see if this settlement will affect the number of games Watson gets suspended (or doesn’t) get suspended as a member of the Cleveland Browns now.

Recently, former Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was just traded to the Carolina Panthers.

This just goes to show the Browns still have faith in Watson as the starter for the team despite the news that keeps coming up. Watson obviously has the money to pay for these civil charges with the contract he signed with the Browns of five years and 230 million dollars.

Finances are not the issue here…

The Browns and fans alike continue to wait and see what the NFL will decide for a punishment. Here in mid-July, the clock is ticking towards the beginning of training camp and the start of the 2022 season this fall. Everyone is hoping to get this resolved in its entirety as soon as possible. This way the team can prepare for the season in the best way possible.

Once we find out the financial details, they will either be posted in an article or tweeted out! Just follow @CLEsportsTalk today!

The Browns have certainly made this offseason very interesting with this major signing of such a controversial player at the most important position. It could either turn out to be perfectly great or a complete disaster.

Now, we wait…and wait some more…and…yep. Some more!

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