After watching an HBO documentary essentially interviewing women that are accusing Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual harassment, I came up with the opinion that he is “screwed” due to this idea of the image of the NFL being tarnished by his actions.

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However, here’s another question…

What is taking so long?

There are no criminal charges and this ordeal just seems to be lingering. It’s not fair to the Browns who are planning out an entire season and need to know if the team’s quarterback will be playing and if so for how long or little.

Additionally, it’s unfair to the betting community that has no idea how to tell if the Browns are going to be a star team with an amazing quarterback or working with a backup because Watson ultimately did get suspended.

Finally, it’s unfair to fans like me that would just like to know to know…

No suspension? Eight games? 10 games? The entire season?

The season is getting closer and closer. There is no decision made yet and it’s ridiculous.

Yes, what Watson did was inappropriate and these interviews were tough to watch. Even so, as the days go on let’s get down to business. Either throw the hammer down or don’t. The Browns need to know.

There’s a lot that goes into an NFL season and the team can’t plan it out without the answers to the questions about their starting quarterback.

How many games would I personally suspend Deshaun Watson for this year if it were up to me?

As a Browns fan, I want him to play the entire season. After reviewing everything that has occurred, all the interviews by accusers and more…full season. Watson did some stuff that the NFL cannot let go and the league is going to try and maintain a reputation that is supportive of these women.

There is even some talk that quarterback Baker Mayfield, who is still on the roster, would actually start for the Browns if Watson got a suspension. How would the team be able to plan for the season if the decision was made last minute for the suspension? They’d have to change the entire offense around a new quarterback under center and do it last minute.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Hopefully, news of Deshaun’s suspension or not comes out shortly. The Browns, amongst said others, deserve to know what is to come for this season.



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