Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Player’s Union have hit an impasse. On Tuesday, both sides met to converse about “core economic issues.” There was no traction which is a shame, therefore the latest news does not come as a surprise. A federal mediator will get involved to find common ground between both sides. The mediators will work to come to an agreement between both sides, on a new collective bargaining agreement. It will not be the first time a meditator gets involved in this process. In 1981 and 1994, Major League Baseball went on strike and was unable to come to a resolution. The Major League Baseball Players Association has rejected having a meditator get involved.

We all understand that money drives professional sports, which is how a business operates. Multiple examples include television deals, attendance, apparel, concessions, etc. The problem is that greed is an evil trait, and all the owners love to keep their pockets full. It is frustrating as a fan that both sides can’t come up to terms, and as a result, spring training is without question going to be delayed. Sadly, it hurts the fans and the players whose salaries will drop. I hate to call anyone out, but the owners need to stop being frugal. What is the point of being an owner if you are not going to spend money to have a winning ball club? You might as well have no business owning a team! Start listening to the fans and leave your ego at the door. It is an entertainment business. You work for the fans, who pour money into the teams, don’t forget that.

Pic Via The Athletic.

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