Wait…People Are Complaining About The Halftime Show?


Please, stop! Nooooooo…stop!

J.Lo, Shakira, if you shake your rear-ends any more, it’ll cause a world war! Obviously, I am teasing. Let’s dive into this issue that really has no business being one.

First of all, what an incredible halftime show by those two ladies and all of the dancers, choreographers and the rest of the production to put on such a great performance to compliment an amazing game.

I feel like I’ve said this in a previous article…but let’s count to three!

One…Two…Three – and I could be on a porn site with naked women (or men) on my screen right now. This is 2020 and not 1820 with James Monroe as President of the United States. I’m sure he would’ve loved the show…

Yes, my grandma was at the Super Bowl party I attended (I’m so damn popular). Sure, that generation may not be acclimated to this type of showcase; it’s time to get used to it. Butt-shaking and tongue twisting aside, they did such an amazing job. Now, I do not have young children myself and I could see why some parents may have been uncomfortable with the kids seeing the show.

How come? The youngsters are more focused on the pizza they are eating than the performance. Besides, girls are icky, boys are icky…everyone is gross at that age, frankly.

I do have a solution to this problem. Next year, I plan to call everyone I graduated high school with to get the marching band back together for the 2021 halftime show. Much more appropriate for all of the complainers in this country, huh? That is until Crazy Susan the tuba player rips off her uniform in the middle of the show. No guarantees…

The Super Bowl ultimately comes down to the game. Fans should be more invested in what happens during the contest than during its break. And, yes…the Browns are (still) Super Bowl virgins. Cue the old guy talking about the championships so many decades ago.

While the Browns are going to make the Super Bowl next year and that trumps everything, I am curious to see who the NFL and the broadcast network book for the show and if anyone limits what the performers are or are not able to do.

If one was unable to watch the halftime show and would like to see what I am talking about – CLICK HERE

Finally, the Super Bowl is honestly the best yearly event in this country. Let’s not taint it by complaining about such trivial matters and come together as one nation to appreciate, well, booty. I mean, uh, football.

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