Wade to start, JR to come off the bench for SG position

Updated: October 11, 2017

As many of you have heard within the past couple of days, Tyronn Lue announced that Dwyane Wade would take over the starting Shooting Guard position, which J.R. Smith obtained for the past couple years. This is good for not just Wade, but it is great for J.R.

First, Wade has always been a starter in this league and never came of the bench while J.R. has excelled off the bench. Wade also has outstanding chemistry with his partner in crime, LeBron. As Wade would say, “It’s like peanut butter and jelly, man, we just go together.” Watching Wade throw alley-oops to James and vise versa will be a great site for Cleveland. Hopefully, they can repeat what they did in Miami together. With both James and Wade in the starting lineup, they will take pressure off of the rest of the team.

The reason I love J.R. going back to the bench is that he would not be pressured to do multiple things he is not comfortable doing. When he was a starter, he would be relied on heavily to score, but we know J.R. is a streaky shooter. Some games he would be on fire and other games he would disappear. With him going back to the bench, it can let him jack up as many shots as he would want to but it also gives the bench a boost when they look for offense. J.R. has experience off the bench, where Wade does not. The past couple of seasons the starters had to do all the scoring, but with J.R. returning to his happy place, we know the bench will improve drastically on the offensive side of the ball. What might surprise people is Smith’s perimeter defense. Lue once called him “our top defensive perimeter defender.” He will bring a different aspect to the bench.

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