Vote or Not – Barry Bonds is a Hall of Famer

There was a moment.

It was an 8-6 game in the bottom of the ninth and the Giants had the bases loaded and two out. Barry Bonds was up and it was about to be an intense at-bat to try to end the game.

Right? Isn’t that how baseball is played? Next man up…


The D-Backs INTENTIONALLY WALKED Bonds with the bases loaded, pushing a run across the plate to make it 8-7 and the next hitter up.

Brent Mayne lined out for the final out. Actually, the strategy was unique…but great. Bonds just had that kind of power that was so feared by the opposition they would gift runs.

Bonds leads the home run list with 762 total passing Hank Aaron (755) and Babe Ruth (714). Another notable home run hitter is our beloved Jim Thome with (612) in 8th place total.

“For election by the baseball writers, a player must receive 75% of votes in a given Hall of Fame election. Currently, players who are retired five years are eligible for election to the Hall of Fame. Players are removed from the writers ballot if they fail to receive at least 5% of the vote or after ten years.”

So this was the 10th year for Bonds with 66% of the vote. Thus, he’s out forever.

Now, I don’t get a vote to decide who gets in or who gets out. I’m frankly voting if my family should get pizza or chinese for dinner. That’s my big moment.

Did Barry Bonds cheat? Yes. He took steroids, performance-enhancing drugs which were illegal in the MLB. This is my big question though…

Who the *insert swear word* DIDN’T TAKE STEROIDS? It’s more just a matter of who got away with it and was able to find a way to pass the tests.

Moving forward in life, if I’m Barry Bonds, I really don’t care about this “Hall of Fame.” This article is an example of why…let me explain.

Say Barry Bonds gets in the Hall, I may take note of it on my Twitter feed or social media, but I’m not writing an article about it. The impact that this is having because he was NOT elected is more than if he was. That is why I would just smirk and scoff if I was Bonds and move on.

Barry Bonds had such a pull on baseball as I wrote about with the intentional walk as an example. He will never be forgotten regardless of induction or not.

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