Vocal Leader Jarvis Landry Helps Lead The Browns To A New Winning Way


Sep 8, 2019; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry (80) makes a catch for a first down against Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan (26) during the third quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

I went back and watched Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry’s famous 2018 training camp tirade to his fellow wide receiver crew that was riddled with cuss words every other moment. Even now, I have a difficult time listening to the vulgarities, but the gist of Landry’s message that day was, “Get it in gear, these are new times and this is the new Cleveland Browns.”

The Browns traded for Landry from the Miami Dolphins back on March 9, 2018. Landry now, is quite possibly one of the biggest reasons the Browns are where they are today. After that tirade that went viral in the social media universe, Browns fans immediately loved Landry because of that performance of “giving a damn.”

I had the chance to attend one of those training camp sessions by the Browns, that hot summer of 2018 over in Berea, and what I remember most about that day was how the vibe around the whole camp was so pumped up because of players. Like newly drafted #1 pick QB Baker Mayfield and his new “go-to” in the field, Landry. As the practice at camp ended that day, fans rushed to where the players go into the buildings and the energy around Landry was above anything seen in Berea in years. It was liking watching the iconic Beatles walk by; everyone wanted to see the new star in town!

Landry has always been steady in his career and always has had sure hands in receiving passes. He spent four years in Miami and has now completed his third season in Cleveland. His stats were a bit down this season, 72 catches, 840 yards and only three touchdowns. A significant drop from his 2017 season in Miami where he had 112 catches for just under 1000 yards and nine touchdown catches.

But stats, I’ve learned over the years following sports, don’t always tell the whole story. And in Landry’s case, that is very true. He is the unspoken leader of the Browns. His experience in the NFL, his ability to reach his teammates via tirades like the one in 2018 and his work ethic on and off the field are what set him apart.

He also had a hand in bringing his friend and former LSU teammate, Odell Beckham Jr., to Cleveland. Watching Landry throw the touchdown pass to Beckham earlier this past season against the Dallas Cowboys is the play that I’ll always remember when thinking of that duo. And I believe Landry will be the reason Beckham stays in Cleveland for a while longer.

Friendships mean something.

I’ve had a few moments watching games in which Landry has dropped a few sure-handed catches, where I’ve gone on my own tirade of vulgarities. But then I’m reminded of those extraordinary moments where Landry has made outrageous catches.

Exhibit A – In December of 2018, the Browns were playing the Carolina Panthers. I’ll never forget I was watching the game from Section 537 in First Energy Stadium with my brother-in-law Chris. Mayfield rolled to his left and threw a rocket of 51 yards into the end zone where Landry was double covered by defenders. The window that Mayfield threw to was minuscule and the catch was even more phenomenal. I’ll never forget that play. It was a “WOW” play! Chris and I were stunned like the whole stadium of fans that sunny afternoon.

Here’s to many more “WOW” plays, Jarvis Landry! And thank you for bringing the Browns back! You’ve cared about being a Cleveland Brown and representing the community as well ever since you arrived here three years ago. You immediately went to bat for the team and have helped change the culture of the team and made winning contagious, as you mentioned in that famous tirade and that’s why you are loved by the most diehard fan base around!

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