Visit Sparks Indians Memory and What its True Meaning Was

It was a warm July day in 2002. As a mere little boy watching the Indians face the Yankees at the grandparents’ house, affectionately donned “Poppa” and “Bubbe,” this idea of baseball actually being played and games against the Yankees were taken for granted despite holding such paramount meaning and importance.

This particular game had the Indians down 7-6 in the bottom of the ninth and one of the greatest closers to ever play the game in Mariano Rivera was on the hill to finish the job for the road team. The Indians managed to get the bases loaded and Bill Selby was up (career .223 hitter). What happened next shocked the world as Selby took Rivera deep and the Tribe won the game, 10-7.

It was a walk-off winner!

Joyously jumping up and down in celebration, so excited that the Indians had actually won the game in dramatic fashion was the best. Even through the pain of accidentally tripping and falling down very hard while celebrating, the victory was just that sweet.

The Indians ended up finishing that season with a record of 74-88 and in third place in the AL Central. However, memories of that game have resurfaced because of the current circumstances.

Poppa was around back then and Bubbe, too. Unfortunately, Poppa passed away a few years ago. Visiting Bubbe is difficult in 2020 because of COVID-19 and the intense fear of spreading germs to older folks.

Thus, a moment in time that ended up just turning into dinner at Bob Evans after the win with smiles all around had so much more meaning to it.

Baseball was actually played.

Spending time with the grandparents was just something that could be done without deeper thought. The only masks worn were by the catchers and umpires behind the dish.

Plus, the Indians made it into quite a finish that particular day purely looking at the baseball aspect.

It is so sad that, here in May of 2020, there still isn’t any baseball. No kids getting the opportunity to celebrate walk-offs with their family and friends. No memories to be made that will never be forgotten.

This whole virus pandemic has, at the very least, proven the importance of appreciating the smaller things in life. Once society gets the opportunity to enjoy them again, remember to take advantage of what is presented each and every day. Such as an awesome walk-off grand-slam by the team that is loved.

Hopefully, more positive memories are just around the corner. Additionally, a Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms reading this!

Watch this one HERE:

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