Victory Monday! Browns Defense Is The Real Deal

After the Cleveland Browns allowed an opening touchdown drive by the Minnesota Vikings there was some doubt in my mind if we had the defense Sunday to stop the offense of the Vikings, who came into the game averaging over 400 yards a game and scoring 30 points a game as well. But that worry was short-lived as the Browns regained the momentum of the game, mostly behind another solid outing by the Browns running game who had another 185 yards on the ground. In the end, the Browns prevailed 14-7.

The buzz today has been about the Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, who he himself described the outing as “piss poor” and questioning it too with “what the hell was that?” Mayfield did injure his shoulder two weeks ago. Let us not forget. But his pattern of throwing the ball high and inaccurately was on full display in the game. In the end, the Browns defense did an outstanding job and carried Mayfield on their shoulders to the victory.

The Browns now are 3-1 on the season for the second season in a row. I know as Browns fans we don’t know any better than to question every little detail and concern. If it’s not Mayfield’s throwing accuracy, we are analyzing the Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods defense. Now that defense is blowing up records like they were a stack of cheeseburgers in front of our Browns offensive line.

Here are few things to also look at after the Browns latest win.


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