Veterans Day – Honoring Those Who Served

A lot of us are guilty of taking for granted what’s presented in front of us. This obviously includes me, the author of this piece, too. On today’s Veterans Day, it’s a time to give thanks to the men and women, past and present, who have gone to war in order to defend our country throughout the years. Yes, fully knowing that the ultimate sacrifice could be made.


Even throughout these turbulent times for this country as of late, it still remains a harbor for peace and prosperity amongst its citizens. This didn’t just magically happen, obviously. It took countless wars, battles, fighting and most notably – not just the loss of life but those that were severely injured fighting for The USA.

None of us would have the freedom to do what we want, like write for a Cleveland sports website, without the heroic actions of those in uniform.

What I think about today is relevant to what I spend a lot of my time doing and that is writing articles. The thing about an article is that it can be deleted if the author decides it’s not good enough for the publication it was put on. In the military, if a mistake is made there isn’t a delete button. It could, unfortunately, be the end all be all. That is why these people are so courageous in taking the risks for this country.

Today, take a moment and simply think about the past. All of the aforementioned points made in this piece. The countless American lives lost that gave us the freedoms we now have. It’s incredible when some time is really dedicated to the memory of those that died protecting all of us.

Of course, this past election was and continues to be extremely hostile. However, so many people in this world don’t even have the freedom to vote or voice an opinion. That is what makes it so special to be an American.


Have a meaningful Veterans Day.

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