Using Nick Chubb to the Fullest

It’s so easy for Browns fans to demand the team run the ball more. We have one of the best running backs in the league, after all, why not use him to the fullest?

The problem is this team finds a way to fall behind and then that strategy goes out the window. Clock management (when losing) and big gains are typically synonymous with passing plays and our quarterback, Baker Mayfield, has struggled so far in 2019…

Now, head coach Freddie Kitchens isn’t innocent, obviously. The management towards the end of the half was absolutely terrible in Sunday’s game. It led to a Seattle touchdown when they shouldn’t have touched the ball until after halftime.

Anyway, these first six games – Chubb has 114 carries, 607 yards (5.3 average per) and six touchdowns. Only one fumble…

Cleveland ranks 23rd in the league with 22.7 carries-per-game. For perspective, number one is San Fransico with 39.

The perfect situation would be for the Browns to have a few early, long and sustained drives that result in touchdowns. Then, the team can simply feed the ball to Chubb, being able to do so with the lead, and continue to maintain control of the clock throughout.

If the team falls down more a single score, especially in the second half, a sense of urgency has to be applied and the philosophy of using Chubb to his fullest cannot be continued.

Unfortunately, that is where Baker gets put in pressure situations and mistakes are made leading to losses and this 2-4 record.

To begin this season, Chubb has been the best player on the Browns offense by far. However, he is capable of even more if the team can play a game that allows the ball to be in his hands more.

Overall, I am not hitting the panic button. This season may not result in a Super Bowl, but I believe that by the end of the year the building blocks will be set for an extremely bright future with the ball in Chubb’s hands early and often.

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