April 19, 2024

UK’s Newest Prime Minister Liz Truss is a HUGE Cleveland Browns Fan!


Meet Liz Truss: Britain’s 56th prime minister after winning the 2022 leadership race with 81,326 votes, defeating fellow opponent Rishi Sunak following Boris Johnson’s departure back in July of 2022.

As the new leader of a British generation, Truss also seems to be a fellow Cleveland Browns fan herself it seems 👀.

In Truss’ tweets discovered back on September 20th, 2018 at a NFL regular season game between the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets.

According to such tweets, It turns out that Truss has “that dawg in her,”as the new British prime minister can be seen wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey and praising the city of Cleveland in multiple tweets.

Liz Truss, unknowingly, was a part of Cleveland Browns history as this game just so happened to be where Baker Mayfield made his NFL debut and showcased a win that snapped the Cleveland Browns’ 635-day losing streak dating back to 2016.

With that being said, Cleveland Sports Talk wishes the best for Liz Truss political career going forward, as she’s now a big deal in British politics as the country’s prime minister, we admire anyone that has supported the Cleveland Browns.

While numerous comments made over the discovery hates the tweets praising the Browns because of the ongoing and very serious accusations of sexual assault against Deshaun Watson recently, we should continue to remind them that these tweets in particular were made in 2018.

We can also confirm that the UK’s new prime minister isn’t a time traveler as well. And with that being said, Go Browns!

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