Two Former Cleveland Indians were at the Plate for the Final out of Game 7

Several players who used to don Tribe jerseys advanced to the playoff this postseason. The Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals were the two teams left standing. Many Tribe fans seemed to be rooting for their favorite former Indian. Beloved Michael Brantley represented Houston while Yan Gomes and Asdrubal Cabrera were with the Nationals. It seemed almost ironic that Brantley made the last out of the World Series while Gomes was behind the plate.

Watching that final out was bittersweet.

Regardless of which team Indians fans were rooting for, it was a reminder of how many key players the team lost. It was also a reminder that Cleveland didn’t have October baseball this year. It can give us all some sort of happiness to celebrate Gomes and Cabrera going home with the coveted ring.

With recent trade rumors swirling around of sending Francisco Lindor to the Dodgers, what will the team look like next season? Will the Minnesota Twins continue to be a strong American League Central opponent? Will the Indians’ front office acquire any power bats to help the lacking offense? These are all questions that are heard around the water coolers in Northeast Ohio. It remains to be seen how next season will go. It is certain though that the fans miss postseason baseball and are wanting the Tribe to contend.

Congratulations are in order for the Washington Nationals who took down the reigning champs. A special congratulations to Gomes and Cabrera. Baseball season is officially over and snow is in the forecast for Cleveland. It’s going to be a long winter while fans await Opening Day. The Tribe will be back on the field March 26, 2020, which there could very well be snow in the forecast then knowing Cleveland.

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