‘Twas The Night Before Football Christmas



‘Twas the night before Super Bowl Double Nickels…OK, so we know how that story reads. Here we are, one night before the biggest spectacle in all of professional sports. It is Super Bowl 55 from Tampa, FL.

There are storylines dripping all over the place. The fact the game is being held in Tampa is history. No team in the history of the National Football League has played and hosted the Big Game. It’s only fitting this historical mark involves a historical great. Of course, we are talking about Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. We know he is the oldest QB to ever start a Super Bowl. We know he has six (count ’em, SIX) Super Bowl Championships. We know he is seeking to be only one of a handful of quarterbacks to win multiple championships with two different franchises. We know TB12 is playing in his 10th Super Bowl. The question is this for Tompa Bay. If Brady wins his seventh title, will this make him the greatest athlete in all of sports?

Let’s look to the other side of the field at the defending, reigning Super Bowl Champions from Kansas City. Dorothy is not on the team, but the Chiefs have tapped their heels and they are right back in the Big Game for the second consecutive season. They are led by QB Patrick Mahomes, a record-setter himself. Mahomes has arguably the greatest set of weapons the NFL has ever seen with WR Tyreek Hill, TE Travis Kelce and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy putting it all together. Many believe if Mahomes pulls this victory out of his improvisational hat, he will have earned to be in the conversation of one of the best signal-callers of all time. However, some may say (and I’m one of them) we should pump the brakes on that.

Whether you are or are not a Chiefs fan. Whether you are or not a Buccaneers fan. Whether you love Tom Brady or you hate him. There is one thing for sure. This Super Bowl has the makings of one of the best ever and involves two of the best ever. It’s completing one of the craziest years ever. Another thing that is for certain, this one will go down in the history books.

Sit back and strap on your Super Bowl seatbelts for the game for all of the Double Nickels.

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