‘Twas the Day Before Draft Night


‘Twas the day before draft night, and all throughout Cleveland

Fans were hoping they’d gain a new star to believe in

They hoped against hope that the Cavs had a plan

And for no more fighting between David and Dan


But who to select? Ah yes, who indeed

Which player would fulfill the Cavs’ greatest need?

Of course they royally blew the last draft

And the rest of the league all pointed and laughed


So they want to avoid making last year’s mistake

But there’s conflict in Cleveland; who should they take?

And though coaches or analysts most of us are not

Fans don’t hesitate to share every thought


“Parker!” yelled some. “Wiggins!” came other cries

(They were consensus top 2, to no one’s surprise)

Others still wanted Embiid in the number 1 place

Someone said Doug McDermott, so I bitch-slapped his face


Embiid could be great, his post game can’t be beat

Except for his bones don’t fit right in his feet

Some think trading picks is the way to go about it

It could end up helping the team, but I doubt it


The GM and execs have hearts set on Jabari

In spite of the fact that his workout was sorry

But they say Parker just pretended he sucks

To stay close to Chicago and play for the Bucks


Wiggins, however, in his workout looked great

And he could fill more than one spot at 6’ 8”

His shooting will have to improve, experts wrote

But he’s athletic, defends well, and has Gilbert’s vote


And Gilbert’s vote this year will count for some stuff

We passed Oladipo for Bennett ‘cause he didn’t speak up

And if you think the Cavs can’t miss, whatever they do

Past experience tells us this just isn’t true


So on this night of hope, for both have-nots and haves

No one knows what the Cavs plan, not even the Cavs

As the moment approaches, there’s but one thing to say:

Merry Draft Night to all! Cleveland fans, let us pray



Written by Zach Scott (@ztscott)

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