April 20, 2024

Having the opportunity to watch a sporting event in the Cleveland Area is usually taken for granted. The Cavs/Guardians on Bally Sports and the Browns losing (I mean, uh winning – RIGHT!) on either CBS or Fox every Sunday. It’s never been an issue of any type…

Now, things aren’t looking good for the Guardians broadcast. Read this:

“Diamond Sports Group, parent company of Bally Sports, was scheduled to make its first payment to the Guardians on Saturday for the 2023 season. Those close to the situation say it’s “unlikely’ that the payment will be made.” – CLE Dot Com

The team has a 10-day grace period to make the payment or else it’s in big-time trouble.

Have no fear, Guardians fans. The MLB is going to broadcast the games on MLB Network if the Bally Sports Group (a part of Diamond Sports) is unable to produce the payments for the rights to the broadcast.

This way Cleveland fans will still be able to enjoy the games despite the fact that the original contract is a no-go. It’ll obviously be on a different channel and might have different broadcasters etc.

It would be very wise of Major League Baseball to have the games on TV because this generation of fans is not the same as previous ones and simply listening to every game on the radio is not going to work at all.

Fans will simply not pay attention to the games and just check the final scores on some type of app on their phones.

What are the other teams that rely on Bally Sports?


Arizona and San Diego

DSG holds RSNs with..



Kansas City



Los Angeles Angels

St. Louis

Tampa Bay


Minority stake with the Cubs’ Marquee Network and Yankees’ Yes Network.

Wow, that’s a lot of baseball dependent in some way with not only Bally Sports, but the Diamond Sports Group as a whole.

The MLB is doing all of these things to make games faster (and so far they have been working), yet fans aren’t even going to be able to watch said games because these networks can’t pay the price.

Hopefully, focusing just on the Guardians, Bally Sports will be able to come up with enough money, someway somehow, to pay the contract and keep the broadcasts going. In regards to the other teams and Diamond Sports, of course it’s the same idea. Those aren’t my teams, but I feel for the other fans across the league. We want everyone to be able to enjoy baseball!

Maybe they can use like Monopoly Money if the have no real cash to pay out?

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