TTUN vs. Ohio State: More Than Just A Game

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It’s the time of year you love to hate. The Team Up North rolls into Columbus to take on The Ohio State Buckeyes. Those who have grown up with it know that it’s more than just a rivalry. It’s tradition and a way of life.

It is about paying homage to the legendary coaches and players who have played in the 112 meetings prior. It’s about the 159 combined consensus All-Americans between the two. The 10 Heisman Trophy winners that have cemented their legacy is this match-up. 77 Big Ten titles and 19 National Championships. With such a deep history, this is truly the greatest rivalry in all of sports.

Today, it’s #3 versus #2. The 11th time these two storied programs have met while ranked in the Top 10. That is more than any other rivalry in college football. This game means something every single year, but this year, it is something more. It’s a chance at a Playoff appearance and ultimately, National Title hopes. Everything is on the line today when the clock strikes high noon inside of the colossus that is Ohio Stadium.

Legends will be created today. Players will forever remember what happens between the lines this afternoon and carry it with them for the rest of their lives. The 11 games played by both teams up to this point mean absolutely nothing now. For this is more than just another game, it is ‘The Game’. Everything that you have done to this point, everything that you thought you knew, throw it out. Prepare for war and fight like hell.

Maize and Blue. Scarlet and Gray. It is on.


Follow the author: @Banjo_440

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