Trouble in Paradise? Cavs Players Aren’t Happy With Coach Beilein


One Cleveland coach with problems was enough for me.

But two? Are we really getting on Cavs coach John Beilein already?

This from a CBS article: “The most damning criticism of all (of Beilein), though, comes in what players have said off of the record. ‘Guys drowned out his voice, and when guys start searching for the next in line for help, I believe you’ve lost them,’ one Cavs player said, and unsurprisingly, the team has reportedly leaned on veteran assistant J.B. Bickerstaff while working through its frustrations with Beilein.” 

It’s odd because the Cavs started out 4-5, had some impressive wins and it was enough for me to even write an article about how fun the team is.

Now, Cleveland is 5-15, 13th in the Eastern Conference, and most of these losses weren’t even close. The Cavs are getting blown out and dominated on both ends of the floor with lethargic efforts. It is hard to even watch the games to update for the Twitter feed.

Obviously, players like LeBron James and Kyrie Irving aren’t in Cleveland anymore, but the start of the season proves this group is capable of at least not getting embarrassed each night.

Beilein is learning the NBA Game just as Freddie Kitchens is learning the NFL. Both are taking criticism and it’s not that they don’t deserve to take some heat, but I’m not sure that jobs should be in question.

It would be extremely disappointing if the Cavs truly have already tuned out Coach Beilein completely. Hopefully, the players and coaches can work together to form a system that works for everyone. This isn’t a year that the team is contending for a title or even the playoffs, so make the necessary adjustments without throwing each other under the bus.

Finally, yes, the NBA is a different game. However, basketball is still basketball. Let’s not forget who this man is:

“Beilein has compiled a career record of 829-468 (. 639) during his 41 years as a collegiate head coach. He has recorded 20-plus win seasons on 23 occasions and has finished with a winning record in 35 seasons, placing him in the top 10 for career victories among active Division I head coaches.”

Give it some time. Maybe even a few years. With these Cavaliers, John Beilein is not the problem.

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