Triple D’s in Big D (Dak Deal Done)




When it comes to the offseason, the NFL has a way that has proven to be almost as exciting as the regular or even the postseason. It is a phenomenon known as Free Agency. And, with each passing year, it seems to get even more exciting than the year before.

This year has already started off with blockbuster trades, franchise tags, salary cap casualties and yes…contract extensions. March 8, 2021, will go down as the most record-setting date in the NFL’s offseason history.

Enter, Dakota Rayne Prescott.

He may be better known simply as Dak.

Contract extension discussion surrounding the Dallas Cowboys quarterback has been near the top, if not at the top of the talk for two years. Dak’s Day came on March 8 as he signed a four-year, $160M extension with “How Bout Dem Cowboys.” But truly, how bout Dak’s agent? Dak held firm by betting on himself en-route to $126M guaranteed, a $66M signing bonus and is set to make $75M in 2021.

Rewind the 2020 NFL season to Week 5 when the Cowboys were hosting the New York Football Giants. Prescott scrambled to the left side of the field and was tackled awkwardly by a Giants defender and the broken bone heard around the world was the result. The first thing many people talked about was the $100M guaranteed he turned down the last offseason. But as the Cowboys struggled through the remainder of the year, Dak’s worth was proven by the play (or lack thereof) of Garrett Gilbert, Ben DiNucci and Andy Dalton. This would solidify Dak’s worthiness for “America’s Team” both on the field and in the locker room.

Dak woke up the next day after the extension announcement as the second-highest-paid player in NFL history behind KC QB Patrick Mahomes. He has the most guaranteed dollars and the highest signing bonus ever seen in the NFL. While it seems Dak is deserving, what will this do for the Cowboys moving forward in assembling a Super Bowl contending team around him? The Cowboys saga in the same city as Dallas…the drama series will continue to unfold.

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