March 3, 2024

We have asked for a while will the Tribe get legit support? We all know the Indians have the record for most consecutive sellouts with 455 Straight Games selling out! Since then our support has been somewhat near the lower end of the league. What happened to all the support that we had in the late 90’s to early 2000’s? Has the tribe not had any hope for this long? There is many possible scenarios but there isn’t one clear one I would say. I have went to numerate games but have never really seen big crowds. Now I can somewhat understand middle of the week in the early season and end when we kids are in school and parents have work too. Last Year we went to the WILD CARD game and our attendance was still near the low along with our opponent Tampa Bay Rays who were dead last in Attendance. There has been two games in my recent memory that was been soldout or seen people in the seats known as “Nosebleeds” in the RF Corner. These two games were last years Wild Card game and this year Opening Day. The problem I have with this is that these games were important and why can’t we get crowds like this on a normal basis there a good team the so called “Indians Fans” need to understand the Indians are due for a few good years of Baseball.

I just wish that the Indians could get loyal support and I don’t believe loyal support for the team is going to the Wild Card Game Opening Day and Opening Game in Detroit Series. Now I’m not saying that me myself goes to all 81 games in the season but this club deserves loyal support and will be a good team in the 2014 Season. We have kept the core of this Ball Club from last season and gotten a few more pieces to become a much better team and this team has had a core for around a year now there getting Chemistry and gonna become BETTER! Cleveland Indians fans just have to give this team a chance like we did in the late 90’s and I can see this team to start performing good, I’m not saying this club has the Albert Belle, Jim Thome Prime, Omar Vizquel, Kenny Lofton and the whole 1995 lineup. Look at the Opening Day lineups you’ll see a obvious way better team in 1995 than 2014.

1995 Opening Day Lineup
1. Kenny Lofton CF
2. Omar Vizquel SS
3. Carlos Baerga 2B
4. Albert Belle LF
5. Eddie Murray DH
6. Jim Thome 3B
7. Manny Ramirez RF
8. Paul Sorrento 1B
9. Tony Pena C
Dennis Martinez P

2014 Opening Day Lineup
1. Nyjer Morgan CF
2. Nick Swisher 1B
3. Jason Kipnis 2B
4. Carlos Santana 3B
5. Michael Brantley LF
6. Asdrubal Cabrera SS
7. David Murphy RF
8. Lonnie Chisenhall DH
9. Yan Gomes C
Justin Masterson P

So these lineups are obviously way different and as we know 1995’s Lineup was way better. Just wanted to talk about a topic I’ve thought about for a while so just wanted to get a point across thanks.

-Aaron Kucia

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