Tribe Lays Two Eggs, Set Wrong Record

Well, this article was supposed to be about the promising pitching of the Indians’ future. Despite all the injuries the starting rotation has had, I was rather impressed with the efforts this young group of guys had been delivering. Then, Friday happened. Oh, yeah. Then, Saturday happened.

Let’s cut the chatter of any nonsense “World Series or bust” for the Indians. I hear that garbage on a local sports talk radio show. It’s like click bate but in audio form. If anyone out there reading this is of that title-or-bust mindset for 2019, go back to bed because you are out of your mind.

To begin with, it is not realistic. This team has its hands full with the Twins and the Twins are no title contender. Do not mistake the moniker of division leader with that of championship potential. The A.L. Central is quite anemic and that’s being nice. In lieu of all the carp in this pond, however, the deepest dwelling team in all of baseball right now is Baltimore.

Hey, we got this.


The Orioles didn’t just defeat the Indians, they thoroughly obliterated them. It was like a U.S. Navy destroyer going toe to toe with a canoe. It started with Friday’s 13-0 loss where even a blind man can see that Mike Clevinger is nowhere near ready to return to the MLB level. He had seven earned runs in one and two-thirds innings on Friday. Get him out of here now and put him in Columbus.

Lasting slightly longer on Saturday, Indians’ starter Zach Plesac made it three and two-thirds innings while also giving up seven earned runs. While we’re at it, let’s make a total joke of the whole situation and put shortstop Mike Freeman on the mound, whose windup looks more like he is initiating a game of backyard catch. Freeman gave up a two-run shot during his embarrassing attempt to retire Baltimore batters. Long story short (too late), the Tribe lost their second consecutive 13-0 game against the worst team in baseball.

I blame every single person in that dugout and the owner. The team looked lazy and lethargic at the plate. The starting pitching wasn’t a leaky faucet. It was a busted dam. Our mainstay hitters have turned into tumbleweed. As for the latest addition, Bobby Bradley is going to find himself back in AAA if he doesn’t start doing something at the plate. That .158 batting average just keeps heading south. I’m not looking for home runs. Just get on base.

Lastly, the penny-pinching owner has caused this to happen, trading away the likes of Yan Gomes and not signing Michael Brantley. There is a fine line between playing Moneyball and just being a cheapskate. The Dolan’s are the latter. These last 48 hours are the result.

Amidst all this putrid play, the Indians did set a record. Oh wait, it’s one of those records that you don’t want to set. As luck would have it, they are now the only team in history to get shut out in back to back games while giving up 13 runs a game or some such malarkey. Who cares, right? Well for one, Terry Francona should. Let’s not put position players on the mound unless it’s an emergency. This is the MLB, not a circus. Two, and more importantly, anyone in Cleveland named Dolan should be seriously re-thinking their strategy and direction with this team.

Direction? Ha! They threw out the compass this past winter.

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