Trent Williams to the Rescue?

The Browns offensive o-line needs help. Trent Williams to the rescue?

There was an issue on Sunday afternoon. In the home opener for the 2019 NFL Season, quarterback Baker Mayfield was sacked five times and was put under pressure and forced to throw early countless more. This, of course, is not ideal. The issue lies at the heart of the Browns’ offensive line; the position area in charge of defending the quarterback. 

Due to Mayfield going down five times, the Browns’ general manager John Dorsey should be on the phone with a few teams with inquiries about offensive line talent. One player in particular Dorsey should look into – Washington Redskins’ Trent Williams. 

Williams, 31, plays left tackle for Redskins and has made an appearance in the last seven pro-bowls. Trent Williams is currently on a holdout, not satisfied with his contract situation, and has stated he no longer wishes to be with the Redskins. The Washington front office, however, is reporting to have no intentions to trade him, hoping Williams will decide to return to play.

With the Redskins’ hesitance to move Williams, how does this tie in with the Browns?


The value of Trent Williams is high and the offer of a second or even first-round pick could be enough to sway the Redskins’ general manager Bruce Allen.

Trent Williams would provide much-needed edge protection for Mayfield and that protection could prove to be worth the price of a high draft pick.

He could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

As things stand in Cleveland, Baker Mayfield may have to fear for his life facing down some of the more monstrous defenses the NFL has to offer. Trent Williams could be the shield that stops, or at the least slows down, opposing defensive linemen, giving Baker Mayfield & the Browns offense a chance to be unleashed.

1 thought on “Trent Williams to the Rescue?

  1. Baker needs protection, that’s for sure. If we lose him even for a few games it would be disastrous! Any help would be just that. GO BROWNS! ?

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