Trades? What if the Cavs are Better Than Expected?

Here in late-2019, these first few Cavs games have been a pleasant surprise. The team is 2-2 with both of their victories coming on the home floor.

Check it out:

Fact: It took 13 games for last year’s Cavs team to get their second win.

Looking at the current roster, the Cavs have two players that would be attractive to other teams in PF Kevin Love and longest-tenured Cavalier (since 2011), PF Tristan Thompson – both NBA Champions (2016).

Love (31) has this year plus three more years on his contract and Thompson (28) has just this season left.

Now, much of the talk has been to trade both of these players, citing that they gave their service to the team in the 2016 Championship Run and deserve to play for a contender now as veterans. Let the Cavs get some young talent or draft picks back in return and that will be that…

However, and this isn’t to say the Cavs are going to contend for a championship this year, but the team isn’t nearly as bad as the last season. Thus, the question arises…would keeping K Love and TT be smart?

Thus far, Love is averaging 16 points on 51.3% shooting and 16.8 rebounds, Thompson is averaging an astounding 20.3 points on 59.4% shooting and 11.8 rebounds. Now, it’s only been four games, but those numbers are still great for each of the veterans.

Trading either or both of them at a certain point in this season will certainly hurt Coach John Beilein’s Cavs. The question is that for the longterm, would it end up being better in this idea of developing young players for a future along with the likes of Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, Kevin Porter Jr.,
Dylan Windler and more…

On the flip-side, one could argue that having veteran leaders would help the younger players develop and become stars. Yes, it’s only been a four-game sample, but we’ve already seen that type of presence happening in the two wins.

As the season progresses, my belief is that this idea on what to do with the veterans will become more clear. After all, the trade deadline is not until February 7 of next calendar year.

For now, fans should simply enjoy some semblance of a decent basketball team. It will be up to the front office to decide what course of action to take. Additionally, just how good the offers are that the team eventually receives.

Will the Cavs play for a playoff spot this year, or a championship run in a few years? That is the fundamental question that will be asked. Honestly, playoff basketball is fun regardless of seed, but is mediocrity for many years anything to celebrate?

More to come…

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